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Sistemi operativi supportati:

DOS - Windows 95/98 - Windows 2000/NT - Linux -

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Scheda del prodotto



Taking advantage of the most advanced computer technology available, the compact MB408L Braille display provides blind people
an independent tool for writing, reading and communicating.

MB408L is equipped with a powerful CPU, including a large internal memory capacity, which allows file storage and expansion
for future software applications. Different from other Braille displays currently available, its compact (32 x 28 x 4.7 cm,
12.6 x 11.2 x 1.8 inches.) and lightweight (2.1 kg, 4.6 lb) size enables the user to transport it easily in its own carrying

MB408L is equipped with 15 function keys and a built-in 8 keys Braille keyboard, for total control of the terminal and of
the internal file system; furthermore, a port is provided to connect a standard PC keyboard (to use in alternative to the
Braille keyboard) and two standard RS232 serial ports are available for connection with a PC or other device, like a printer,
disk drive, etc..

The MB408L may be operated in two different ways:
as a stand-alone device with its own file system, scientific calculator and timer. The file system allows the user to create,
update, store or delete files using 900Kb of non-volatile memory. File transfers between MB408L and a PC are managed by a
MS-DOS program, which is provided with the package.
as a Braille terminal of an IBM compatible PC 386/486/Pentium under MS-DOS, MS-Windows and Linux environments.

Based on a ten years experience with a large number of blind users, the MB408L includes screen reading software developed
specifically for DOS environment. For Windows, several screen readers, including WinDOTS, Virgo, OutSpoken, JFW, are supported
through emulation protocols. Ten different emulation protocols are currently available, and can be updated as new screen
reader software is developed. WinDOTS is provided with the package.

Also, since the MB408L configuration software is stored into a Flash memory, it may be updated for future software applications
by the user without specialized assistance.

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